Rosebowl Award

Sounds of Echoes – Isabel Pye

I Mac Frames Award

Gentleman Farmer Abroad (dal -ing with Magritte) – Lin Anderson

Aly Bali Award

E=Einstein – Dee Dee Dewar

Charles McHardy Award

Moonshine on Callahanish – Dee Dee Dewar

Gallery at 55 Award

Stonehaven Harbour – Ragnhild Ericsson

Waterfront Cafe Award

The Calm Before the Storm – Dee Dee Dewar

Connon’s Award

High St. Stonehaven – Ragnhild Ericsson

Jane’s Design Studio Award

Amaryllis – Eileen Barclay

Peoples Choice Award – Mearns Art House

E=Einstein – Dee Dee Dewar

Top Ten Votes…

E=Einstein Dee Dee Dewar Mixed Media 32 1
Moonshine on Callanish Dee Dee Dewar Acrylic 20 2
The Machair Margaret Ruddiman Acrylic 19 3
Red Sky at Catterline Val Downie Brusho 16 4
Jack Daniel Wagstaff Watercolour 12 5
Catterline “The Watchie” Lorna Crawford Acrylic 12 5
Harbour Reflections Marion Beattie Acrylic 12 5
Allium, getting ready to seed Daryl Ritchie Watercolour 10 8
Eilean Donan David Roberts Oil 10 8
Harbour in Spring David Roberts Oil 10 8
Big Lugs Doodle Dee Dee Dewar Acrylic 10 8
Summer Evening, Stonehaven Marion Beattie Acrylic 10 8

Highly Commended Pieces

Harbour Reflections – Marion Beattie

Clementines – Sue Hawkins

Fluff – Jean Melville

Snow at Ferniebrae Croft – Tony Hawkins

Venice in October – Tania Young

Let me see…at the Rialto – Penny Hyatt

Breaking Waves at Cowie – Eileen Barclay