Rosebowl Award

Street Art – Daniel Wagstaff

Peoples Choice Award

A Tranquil Bay – Dee Dee Dewar

IMac Frames Award

Boulevard, Odessa – Tania Young

Charles McHardy Award

A Walk in the Heather – Jean Melville

Connons Award

Musicman – Waafa Bacha

The Villa Award

Black Rock Cottage – Dave Roberts

The Waterfront Cafe Award

Fields with Sheep – Tony Hawkins

Cool Gourmet Award

Winter from Westport – Dorothy Sim

Highly Commended

Hillside Cottages – Sandra Freeman

After the Exhibition – Isabel Pye

Cata Sands (Sanday) – Margaret MacDonald

Sandend – Lorna Crawford

Catterline Revisited – Ragnhild Ericsson

The Salmon Run – Dee Dee Dewar

After Dinner – Sue Hawkins

Twisted Spires – Eric Swan