Stonehaven Art Club


1. Title

The Club shall be known as Stonehaven Art Club

2. Object

To encourage the practice and/or the appreciation of art in its pictorial sense.

3.  Management

The Club’s affairs shall be managed by a duly elected  committee consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Minute Secretary, Events Secretary, Publicity Secretary and up to 2 Ordinary Committee members. The Committee reserve the right to co-opt any other members during the year as they may deem necessary. Each Committee member shall hold office for 2 years, when they will be eligible for re-election at the following AGM with the exception of the General Secretary and Treasurer whose term of office may be extended as long as they are re-elected annually.  The President will preside over all meetings of the Club and, in the absence of the President, the Vice President will do so. If neither is present the members attending will appoint a Chairperson from their own numbers.

4.  Membership

Membership will be open to residents of Stonehaven and the surrounding area ie Kincardine and Mearns. At the discretion of the Committee membership may be offered to residents outwith this area but only if the numbers from outwith the area do not exceed 25% of the total membership of the Club. Members will be expected to take an active part in the Club by attending Lectures and associated activities.   Membership numbers will be reviewed annually at an AGM or Extra- Ordinary General Meeting.

Honorary Membership

Only members who have served the Club in an Official capacity will be eligible for Honorary Life Membership. Honorary Life Membership will be offered at the discretion of the Committee to those members who feel that they can no longer actively participate in the Club. No fees will be due from such members who will not have voting rights or be able to exhibit but will be invited to all the Club’s activities.

5.  Subscriptions

Membership fees, determined annually by the Committee, will be paid BEFORE 30 APRIL FOLLOWING THE AGM. An Entry Fee, reviewed annually, will be charged to non-members at Lectures and associated activities.

6. Annual General Meeting

The Club shall hold an AGM, chaired by the President, in the month of  March each year on a date to fixed by the Committee. At that meeting they shall receive and approve

a) A report from the President on the work of the Club in the preceeding year.

b) A report from the Vice President on the preceeding year’s Annual  Exhibition.

c) A report and Balance Sheet drawn up by the Treasurer and audited by an Official Auditor nominated for this purpose.

d) A report by the Secretary on future events.

At the AGM the following Office Bearers will be elected:-

President, Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Minute Secretary, Events Secretary, Publicity Secretary and up to 2 ordinary members. Should a vote be deemed necessary, this will be organised by the President. Voting slips will be distributed to all attending members who shall each have one vote. In the event of a tie, the President will have the casting vote.

At the AGM fourteen members shall form a quorum.

7.   Activities

Talks and demonstrations may be arranged by the Committee and will be open to non-members on payment of an entry fee. Excursions to places of interest shall be arranged periodically and will be open to non members

A Summer Exhibition will be held annually and will be open to fully paid-up members of the Club to exhibit.


Each year a Summer Exhibition will be held with a “Private Viewing” for purchasers from the Sales Book of the preceding year’s Annual Exhibition and other guests at the discretion of the Committee.

A professional artist will be engaged to help arrange the pictures on Hanging Day.

The Committee, headed by the President, will be responsible for organising the Exhibition and have the power to:-

a) Accept titles of entries for exhibition only from persons who are members of the Club.

b) Publish rules pertaining to the Exhibition.

c) Rejest any entry which can be deemed to be a copy  of another artist’s work

d) Restrict the number of entries per member in the event of there being too many entries to hang advantageously.

e) Reject entries from members who have not conformed to the Exhibition rules as published.

The Hanging Fee will be decided by the Committee and will depend on the expenses involved.

The Committee will make arrangements for the sale of entries.

 9.  Equipment

Any equipment purchased by the Club will remain the property of the Club and will be housed safely by any member of the Committee.  In the event of the Club disbanding, any equipment belonging to the Club will be sold and the proceeds divided equally among the Members at the time of disbandment or given to a Charity.

10. Rules

The Committee, from time to time, may make such additional rules and regulations as it shall deem necessary for the proper management of the Club.  Such additional rules and regulations to be first passed at an Annual General Meeting, an extra-ordinary General Meeting or by circulation to members.

Revision to the Constitution shall only be passed at an Annual General Meeting or an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Club.

Amended Constitution March 2021