Showcase and Gallery – an update

Following the resounding success of the online Exhibition this summer, the club has ‘repurposed’ the Exhibition function to be a permanent Gallery of art for sale.  As with the Exhibition, the artworks are being offered on a free shipping or collection basis.  The content of the Gallery will be refreshed periodically so keep checking to see what is new.  As with the Exhibition the subject matter is as wide as you could possibly imagine; well known NE Scotland locations, hidden local gems, abstracts, wildlife to name just a small selection.  Come and have a look..

The Gallery

The old website used to have a page of members artworks where they could display something that represented their style or interest.  This was well out of date and only offered a small thumbnail sized image of each painting or picture.  We have replaced this with a brand new feature, the Showcase.  As with the previous incarnation, members can present a piece of work they are particularly pleased with or they feel typifies their work. It captures beautifully the range of styles and interests that club members have.  If you are a member and don’t yet have your image in the Showcase, then get in touch with the Secretary to submit one.  Some of the art works on the Showcase may also be for sale, so it is worth viewing the Gallery as well to see if one you really like is available to purchase.

The Showcase

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