Annual Exhibition 2020

Since 1975, each summer Stonehaven Art Club have held an annual exhibition and sale.  This attracts wide interest from both residents of the North East corner of Scotland as well as from visitors to our region.

2020 was always going to be a different year for the club.  The venue for the exhibition has always been the Town Hall on Allardice Street.  However, this year the Council has closed the building for long overdue renovations meaning the Club had to look for an alternate location.  A suitable venue was identified at the beginning of the year but before detailed planning could take place, the global Coronavirus pandemic reared its head.  Along with the regular meetings and events, the Annual Exhibition has, sadly, been postponed for this year.  It will be back (in its usual home) for 2021.

As an alternative, the Club have created a ‘virtual’ exhibition which will allow you to browse work from Club members as if you were there in the town hall (though without the climb up the stairs)!  And, just like the Annual Exhibition, artworks in the show are for sale.  If you see something you like, you can purchase it using a credit / debit card (or PayPal if you use this) and have it sent (at no additional cost in the UK) to your door.

Look out for more news about the ‘virtual’ Exhibition shortly.