Exhibitors Information


Members may submit framed works in any medium, and mounted works. The number will be decided by the committee after consultation with the entry submissions.

A least one painting must be of a SMALLER size so that it can be hung on the stands (ie maximum framed size =500mm x 500mm, or 20” x 20”.

Only one “Not for Sale” exhibit per member will be accepted.

Please Note:  

Exhibits for hanging must be original work.

  • Not based on any existing painting by another artist, or any printed or published photographic e.g. magazines or calendars.
  • Or any pictorial matter or exercise from painting tuition books.
  • Although the above can be used for ideas, or reference, exhibits should never be a recognisable copy.

Copyright law is very explicit, and breach of this could bring the club into disrepute

Submitted works must not have been previously exhibited at Stonehaven Art Club’s Annual exhibition or elsewhere  in Stonehaven.   The Committee reserve the right to make all final decisions.

All exhibits should be suitably framed  – no clip frames accepted – these are impossible to hang on our existing framing system.  Please read framing fact sheet.

Unframed works  only originals are also invited for sale in the “Racks

  • They should be covered with cellophane or clear plastic, but no cling film/wrap will be accepted.
  • They should be clearly labelled with artist’s name, title, medium and price, and size should not exceed  600mm x 460mm or 24” x 18”.


A fee of £2.50 per framed exhibit and £1.00 per mounted work will be charged (subject to change). The Club will levy a 15% commission on all sales. Please bring your payment with you on handing in night.

  • Artists who have sold works will be sent money due, as soon as practicable after the exhibition  closes.


The exhibition will be manned at all times by 2 adults, one of whom must be a club member.

  • It is anticipated that 4 hours duty per exhibitor will be required, but this will depend on the final number of exhibitors. (All Club Members are encouraged to volunteer for a spot – the more the merrier even if you are not exhibiting)
  • In the event that an exhibitor cannot steward, for whatever reason, they will be responsible for finding a suitable substitute.
  • A rota will be available at the hall on the handing in night. If you wish to book a block of time in advance, please phone Sue Hawkins on  01224 868984
  • An Emergency Standby List will also be available. All members are encouraged to sign up for at least two hours. Standby is for absolute emergencies only.


Mounted works can be removed on purchase. Framed works sold must remain until the end of the exhibition, except when the purchaser lives out with the area.